Recipes for Perfumes

From Gracefulness: being A Few Words upon Form and Features Containing Practical Advice Edited by Arthur Freeling. London Houlston and Stoneman. [1845]

1 Eau de Cologne

Take 28 drops of essence of cedral, 38 do. Of bergamotte, 60 do. Of oranges, 38 do. Of citron, 32 do. Of neroli, 26 do. Of Romain, 26 do. Of meline, 1 pint of spirits of wine, 30 degrees above proof. Mix and distil.

2 Eau de Cologne

Mix essence of bergamotte, lemon, lavender, and orange-flower water, of each 1 drachm; essence of cinnamon, ½ a drachm, spirits of rosemary, and honey-water, each two ounces; spirits of wine, 1 pint. Let the mixture stand a fortnight, then distil.

3 Honey Water

Take 2½ oz. Of coriander seeds, ground small in a starch mill, a few slips of sweet marjorum in flower, dried and stripped from the twigs, 1 drachm of Calamus aromatics, 1 drachm of yellow-saunders, and 1 drachm of orange and lemon peel: let the three last-named articles be separately beaten to a fine powder.

Mix the above ingredients, and put them into a still that will hold three pints, and add to them 1 pint of rain water, 1 pint of proof spirit. Lute well all the joints of the apparatus, and leave the ingredients in this state without fire for 48 hours. At the end of this time, begin to distil by a very gentle heat, or the flowers and seeds will rise in the still head, stop up the worm, and spoil the process. Increase the fire after the first half-hour, and keep it at a regular heat till the termination of the process.

4 Honey Water

Take 1 ounce of essence of bergamotte, 3 drachms of oil of lavender, ½ a drachm of oil of cloves, ½ drachm of aromatic vinegar, 6 grains of musk or ambergris, 1½ pint of spirits of wine. Mix and distil acording to above directions. Very superior perfume may thus be made. For removing superfluous hair, nos. 48 and 49.

5 Odor delectabilis

Take 4 ounces of distilled rose water, 4 do. Of orange-flower water, 1 drachm of oil of cloves, 1 drachm of oil of lavender, 2 drachms of oil of bergamotte, 2 grains of ambergris, 2 grains of musk, and 1 pint of spirits of wine. Dissolve the musk and ambergris in the spirit of wine, then mix the whole well. It will be the better for being passed over a still.

6 Hungary Water

To 1 pint of highly rectified spirits of wine, put an ounce of oil of rosemary, and 2 drachms of essence of ambergris: shake the bottle well several times, and let the cork remain out 24 hours. Cork the bottle, and then, after a month, during which time shake it daily, put the water into small bottles.

7 Lavender Water

Take a pint of spirit of wine, essential oil of lavender, one ounce, essence of ambergris, two drachms; put all into a quart bottle and shake extremely well.

8 Aromatic Vinegar

Take 1 ounce of dried tops of rosemary, 1 ounce of dried leaves of sage, 1 ounce of dried flowers of lavender, 1 drachm of cloves, 1 drachm of camphor, 11/2 pint of distilled vinegar. Macerate for fourteen days, with heat, and then filter.

9 Aromatic Spirit of Vinegar

Take of the flowers of aromatic and perfumed shrubs, such as are directed for aromatic vinegar (8), and digest them in strong vinegar, add a ¼ pint of spirits of wine to each pint of the infusion of vinegar, and then distil the composition.

10 Lavender Water

Take 1 ounce of oil of lavender and bergamotte, 1 pint of rectified spirits of wine, 4 cloves bruised. Shake the above well, let it stand a month, then add 2 ounces of distilled water, and if you wish it to retain its perfume, add 1 scruple of essence of musk, or ambergris, and distil the mixture.