Recipes for Improving the Complexion

20 Cold Cream

Take 2 drachms of white wax, 2 drachms of spermaceti, 2 ounces of hogslard; put all together into a jar, which place into boiling water and stir till all is melted; take it out of the water and stir till nearly cold, then pour the mixture into rose water, and with the hand work it thoroughly, changing the water until the cream is very white. Return it to the jar, and as soon as it is melted, add 1 drachm of oil of almonds, and any perfume you approve. Let these be thoroughly incorporated, then remove it. When cold, put it up in rose water; if you wish to keep it in the greatest perfection change the rose water every day.

21 Lady E. Conyngham's Face, or Lip Honey

Take 2 ounces of fine honey, 1 ounce of purified wax, ½ an ounce of silver litharge, and ½ an ounce of myrrh. Mix over a slow fire, and add milk of roses, eau de Cologne, or any perfume you may prefer.

22 Almond Paste

Take one ounce of bitter almonds, 1 ounce of barley flour, and honey a sufficient quantity to make the whole into a smooth paste.

23 Freckle wash

Take 1 drachm of muriatic acid, ½ a pint of rain water, ½ a tea-spoonful of spirit of lavender. Mix them well together, and apply two or three times a-day to the freckles, with a camel's-hair brush.

24 Purifying Water for the Skin

Take 1 tea-spoonful of liquor of potass, 2½ ounces of pure water, a few drops of eau de Cologne. Mix and apply as above.

25 Dr Withering's Cosmetic Lotion

Take a tea-cupful of cold sour milk; scrape into it a quantity of horse radish. This must stand from six to twelve hours; and then, being well strained, let it be applied [with a camel hair pencil], two or three times a day.

26 Preventive Wash for Sunburn

Take 2 drachms of borax, 1 drachm of Roman alum, 1 drachm of camphor, ½ an ounce of sugar-candy, 1 pound of ox-gall. Mix and stir well together, and repeat the stirring three or four times a-day, until it becomes transparent. Then strain it through filtering or blotting paper, and it will be fit for use. Wash the face with the mixture before you go into the sun.

27 Grape Lotion for Sunburn

Dip a bunch of green grapes in a basin of water; sprinkle it with powdered alum and salt mixed; wrap the grapes in paper, and bake them under hot ashes; then express the juice, and wash the face with the liquid, which will usually remove either freckles, tan, or sunburn.

28 Lemon Cream for Sunburn and Freckles

Put 2 spoonsful of sweet cream into ½ a pint of new milk; squeeze into it the juice of a lemon, add half a glass of genuine French brandy, a little alum and loaf sugar; boil the whole, skim it well, and when cool, it is fit for use.

29 Dr. Bateman's Sulphur Wash

Break 1 ounce of sulphur, and pour over it one quart of boiling water; allow it to infuse for twelve or fourteen hours, and apply it to the face two or three times a day, for a few weeks. This application is equally useful in removing that roughness of the skin which generally succeeds pimples. A more powerful application is sometimes prepared with vinegar and the acetated liquor of ammonia, or the spirit of mindererus. Or, the following, which will be equally effective, and known as -

30 Sir William Knighton's Lotion

Half a drachm of liquor of potass, 3 ounces of spirits of wine to be applied to the pimples with a camel's-hair brush, and if too powerful, add ½ an ounce of cold water, which has been boiled and strained; distilled water is better.

31 Pimple Ointment

Take 6 drachms of mercury, 6 grains of flour of sulphur, 2 ounces of hog's-lard; mix carefully in a mortar.
N.B. After applying any mercurial preparation, be careful not to get wet or exposed to drafts.

32 Mr. Plumbe's Pimple Wash

Dissolve 2½ grains of oxymuriate of mercury in 4 ounces of spirits of wine; keep close in a phial with a glass stopper.

33 Strawberry Lotion