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My book "Know Your Onions or Mrs Beeton's Hinterland" is available from the link below.

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Mrs Beeton's "Book of Household Management" was and is hugely popular. First published in 1861, nearly two million copies were sold by 1868. "Know Your Onions or Mrs Beeton's Hinterland" contains recipes and household hints from books and magazines published from about 1820 to the 1860s; books and magazines that may have influenced Mrs Beeton. Some of the recipes and household hints are from Samuel Beeton's "Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine" and may well have been contributed by Mrs Beeton herself.

"Know Your Onions or Mrs Beeton's Hinterland" is a treasure trove jam-packed with old recipes and household hints, mostly from the early to mid nineteenth century. In this book you will come across such delights as: how to cook and prepare a boar's head (not for the squeamish!); how to pacify a cross baby; how to restore rancid butter by using animal charcoal; a cure for baldness; and much, much more.

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If you enjoy cookery books, then you will love this book.